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  1. Shark-eating seal

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    Shark-eating seal


    That’s right, a shark-eating seal and not a shark eating a seal! That’s one thing I saw on my boat trip with Ocean Blue Adventures this morning.

    The boat launched from the beach which was a cool rush and then we headed along the bay’s coastline. On the way we saw a seal snacking on something and on closer inspection our guide informed us that it was, in fact, feeding on a little hammerhead shark. Apparently there’s a good few hammerhead in the area. They’re my second favourite shark (after the great white!) so I was a little frowny at the seal but then again, everyone’s got to eat!

    It was pretty amazing to see something like that in the wild though, and that was only the beginning! We also saw plenty of Cape ganets dive-bombing the water to catch fish. They’re such a streamlined bird and it always amazes me how high they are when they dive in and how long they can stay down for.

    From there we went to the fur seal colony around the Robberg Peninsula. It’s a bit of a safe haven for them there as it’s quite shallow at the edges so they don’t get a lot of predators. I saw a tiny baby seal and made an embarrassingly girly high pitched noise. But then again, everyone around me seemed to be making similar noises so that was okay!

    Once I was back on dry land, I met up with Leslie and Mirjam from Albergo for Backpackers and we headed off towards the bungee jump!

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