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  1. Sharks, science and spilling rain in San Sebastian

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    Sharks, science and spilling rain in San Sebastian


    Day 3 in San Sebastian visiting bars, restaurants and attractions for Hostelworld.com, and despite the rain it's been a pretty great day. Because today I visited some of the city's top attractions today including the Science Museum and the Aquarium.

    The Science Museum filled me with geekish glee. It has so many hands on experiments and exhibits, all explaining different scientific principles which might not sound all that glamorous but when you're looking at a mini-tornado spin itself into existence before your eyes, believe me it's really cool! It's an easy spot to bus out too and well worth the trip!

    Another place well worth a look is the Aquarium. At first, when I was sent up to the second floor and found myself looking at a bunch of model ships I did have a 'What have they done with the fish?' moment. But that's just the museum part of the Aquarium, which I would have known if I'd actually looked at the handy little map I got with my ticket.

    The Aquarium's other two floors are indeed filled with fishes of all shapes, sizes and colours. Jellyfish and seahorses are awesome, but the crowning glory is the underwater tunnel you walk through surround by sharks of varying sizes (lots of them napping on the see-through ceiling above your head), sea turtles, rays and lots more. Also got to see one of the Aquarium employees cleaning coral with a toothbrush in a tank full of Nemos. Brilliant!

    Like I said, it has been raining quite a bit today but hopefully that'll let up for tomorrow. I really want to check out the funicular up to Mount Igueldo!

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