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  1. Shopping in Miami – lots of to be done

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    Shopping in Miami – lots of to be done


    Along with Las Vegas, New York City, LA and Orlando, Miami is one of the ‘big’ cities in the US when it comes to shopping. Two of the main streets are right by the Miami Beach International Hostel where I'm staying.

    The first of these is Collins Ave. It’s lined with shops, particularly between 5th Street and 11th Street. I won’t go into naming brands, but a lot of the world’s most recognisable ones can be found here.

    The other is Lincoln Road, a pedestrianised street around 17th St and Washington in South Beach. While it’s pedestrianised, it actually doesn’t offer as much as Collins. It’s also full of cafes in the middle of it. But it’s a good place to pick up a treat for yourself if you’re coming here.

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