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  1. Six good reasons to travel alone

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    Six good reasons to travel alone


    Introducing our latest guest blogger Stephanie Lee who has just written ‘The Art of Solo Travel: A Girl’s Guide’ which you can now buy from IndieTravelPodcast.com. In Stephanie’s post she tells us six good reasons to travel alone.


    Solo travel is not for everyone, but if you’re one of those people who choose to travel alone, you’ll know first-hand that it’s scary, exciting, and probably the most challenging thing you will do in your life. As a seasoned lone traveller, I’d like to share the top reasons I love doing it.


    1. Learn about yourself

    Discovering previously unknown things about yourself is inevitable when you are alone. For example, you could be calm in demanding situations, or you could live a simpler life than what you were used to at home.

    2. Develop independence

    Managing transport, accommodation, and finance will become a daily affair, and sometimes it can get overwhelming for one person. Travelling on your own comes with many challenges, and being forced to deal with everything yourself forces you to grow up.

    3. Flexibility

    No need to coordinate with anyone where you want to go and what you want to do. Your itinerary is entirely your own, and you go where your heart takes you.

    4. Increase social skills

    Being alone presents you with a new social bravery they never thought you had. Approaching random strangers for directions or conversation never seems easier, and making life-long friends on the road is one of the best things about solo travel.

    5. Escape convention

    Stop being average and say goodbye to generic bus tours where you are part of someone else’s plan. Visiting the world alone means you needn't be a tourist, but an independent traveller of your own design.

    6. Gain others’ admiration

    Not only will your friends and family will admire you for your courage and determination, you will also feel a great sense of achievement and pride once you have experienced solo travel. The memories and experiences you collect during your travel alone will always be one of the great stories about your life.

    You can read about my solo travel and find how to step out yourself in my book, The Art of Solo Travel: A Girls' Guide. It’s an independent travel guide which aims to provide tangible information to people who might be contemplating travelling alone – personal motivation, financial advice, and practical tips on everything from what to pack to destination suggestions.

    And to keep up to date with all happenings at Indie Travel Podcast, you can follow them on Twitter @indietravel.

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    Marta Reed said on 11/10/2010 at 4:18pm

    Great article, I went on a trip by myself for the first time this year, I love it, I found that I like being me and with me, solo travel is great and the experience that you get with others is super.

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