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  1. Sleeping tight on Halloween

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    Yesterday my good friend Richie arrived. He was extremely happy to see me waiting to greet him at the airport. I was a bit tired though (his flight was in at 8am), as was he. What we ended up doing last night isn’t our average Saturday night…

    Once we made it back to Hostel Florida Suites where we’re staying, we went for a coffee, booked our flights around the different places in Argentina (we’re visiting Bariloche, El Calafate and Puerta Iguazu), we went for a pizza in a restaurant called Las Cuaertetas on Avenida Corrientes. There we had a couple of beers  and waited for the rain to stop (weather has been awful here lately).

    Around 4pm we decided to go for a nap. While I set my alarm for 7pm, I knocked it off rather than going for the snooze option. I woke up not 3 hours later, but 8 hours later at midnight. We then woke up once more at 3am. By this time we realised our Saturday night in Buenos Aires had gone.

    Determined not to wake up properly, we both rolled over one more time and slept straight through until 9am the next day. Ladies and gentlemen…we slept for a grand total of 17 hours.

    As you can imagine we’re fairly fresh now. Unfortunately the weather is still abysmal, meaning there’s not a whole lot we can do. Looks like it’s going to be a River Plate football game. This will be my third football game in Argentina is less than seven days.


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