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  1. Smoothie heaven

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    Smoothie heaven


    (February 3rd) Okay, so here in Pretoria? It's really, really hot. Like, I woke up this morning to a sky full of grey clouds and thought that was it for the day, a bit cooler and overcast. By the time we'd made our way from the Voortrekker Monument to Freedom Park, the sky was clearing up rapidly and the sun was coming out. And there was a fair whack of heat in it for sure!

    I'm now a wee bit sunburned on my nose and in two patches on my arms (I'm not sure why but when I burn it's always these two spots. I blame my so fair it's approaching translucent Irish skin) but only a wee bit so that's not so bad.

    Anyway, I had a point. Hmm. Oh yeah, it was really very hot today. So once I got to Hatfield after walking from Pretoria Backpackers I was badly in need of a cool refreshment.

    Enter News Café. It looks to be one of the most popular cafés in the area of Hatfield Square, which is filled with quite a few restaurants and bars. It was pretty packed with people when I was there but I managed to get a table outside and placed my order for a Mocha smoothie and yet another Fanta. (And no, Fanta aren't sponsoring me!)

    Oh man, that smoothie. That was a good smoothie. I was really, really tempted to order another, different one just to see if they're all as good as the one I'd just downed in about five minutes. Absolutely perfect remedy for a bit too much sun.

    Once I'd checked out the mall, I went to take some video footage around Hatfield Square. This almost didn't happen as I was approached by a security guard and asked what I was doing. After flashing one of my business cards – thank you Gráinne! – and listening to a hurried conversation between the guard and his supervisor via walkie talkie, I was allowed to continue.

    After that it was time to walk back towards the hostel. On the way back I stopped in at Eastwoods Tavern for a delicious and excellent value pizza, then it was back to the hostel to check in with Trish about tomorrow night! I'm going for dinner with KG and Hazel first too, so I'm really looking forward to it!

    First tomorrow though, it's finishing up with attractions around the city in the morning and then off to see some cheetahs! I'm very excited about that!

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