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  1. So, a little bit about me...

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    So, a little bit about me...


    My name is Kris Goodbody and I’m a 22 English literature student heading into my final year of study in University College Dublin. This is after spending an obscene amount of time sauntering through my (supposedly) three year degree.

    I’ve been afflicted with an unshakable wanderlust most of my life. When I was fifteen I went on my first surf trip to the west of Ireland with some friends and that was the beginning of being hooked on travelling. Since then every year myself and (more or less) that same spectacular bunch of lads have taken out the atlases and guidebooks to figure out what trip would be possible that year.

    Since then my travels have taken me all over the world to fantastic places that hold very fond memories. Sometimes it has been with friends but often it has been alone. I’ve managed to find my way to many the corner of Europe, to the decidedly fancy islands of Indonesia, down to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia, away to communist Cuba for a strange and memorable month, along the west coast of America and into Mexico, and even into a brief dalliance with North Africa.

    I found early on that photography wasn’t my thing and it also really didn’t convey the truth behind the moment. So I began taking down notes and stories along the way, and when I eventually arrived at college, I began to submit them to the university paper.

    This year some great men and I took on the challenge to cycle to the Greek islands, and by some stroke of good fortune, what I wrote about our adventure won the ‘Travel Writer of the Year’ at this year’s Smedia (student media) awards in Ireland. Starting from next Monday, you can read about my adventure.

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