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  1. Some of Bath’s top bars and restaurants

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Some of Bath’s top bars and restaurants


    After exploring a few of Bath’s top attractions (namely Sally Lunn’s, the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey), it was time to check out some of Bath’s top bars and restaurants.

    I’d gotten some great suggestions earlier in the day from the staff at Bath YMCA. One of their suggestions was the Thai by the Weir restaurant on Argyle Street. I am so glad we went to check it out! I got a huge plate of udon noodles. It was really delicious and the prices were really reasonable for what turned out to be delicious and authentic Thai food.

    From there it was on to a couple of Bath’s top bars. First up was Opium. Wow, what an interior (as you can see here)! This basement bar has a bar area when you walk in and three more unique rooms. Pretty new on the Bath scene, the bar’s going to be celebrating its first birthday soon. Cocktails are the speciality here and what a great atmosphere to go have a drink in. A mix of kitschy cool and upmarket chic, this place is a great find.

    Finally, we headed up to The Bell on Walcot Street. A favourite with locals, it’s got a great selection of real ales and plenty of other tipples to sample too. What I thought was really great was the outdoor seating area which was filled with chatting people enjoying a drink this evening.

    One the way back to the hostel, I saw what looks like a really cool café so we’re going to try that for breakfast tomorrow. Then it’s off to the Circus…hopefully, minus the clowns!

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