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  1. Some of Split’s popular pebbly beaches and a famous art gallery

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    Some of Split’s popular pebbly beaches and a famous art gallery


    While Bacvice Beach, which has a Blue Flag, is undoubtedly the most popular sandy beach in Split, there are also some great pebbly beaches to check out.

    A couple of these beaches are Jezinac and Zvoncac, both of which I visited this afternoon. Both are close to Sustipan cemetery, and are about 20-minutes walk from the city centre. Popular with locals, these are great beaches for swimming, with plenty of places for sunbathing too. So even though they’re pebbly instead of sandy, they’re still definitely worth a look.

    After I spent some time at the beaches, I took a set of stairs up from the shore to street level. I knew I’d be somewhere near the Galerija Mestrovic, the next stop on my itinerary, but I wasn’t expecting the gallery to be right across the road when I got to the top of the steps.

    This is one thing I’ve really enjoyed about my time in Split so far; it’s just been so easy to get everywhere and see all the main sights on foot.

    Galerija Mestrovic is a very popular art gallery dedicated to the works of Ivan Mestrovic, a famous Croatian sculptor. The gallery is housed inside this beautiful white villa, which, as I found out during my visit, was actually used by Mestrovic as a summer residence. As well as checking out the exhibits inside, I also spent some time wandering around the grounds, where you’ll also see some very impressive sculptures.

    Tonight, I’m heading for dinner with Dora, the owner of Old Town Hostel Split. We’re going to check out a place called Maslina, I think, which should be really cool as I’m definitely ready for a nice dinner after all that walking today!

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