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  1. Split’s stunning cathedral

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Split’s stunning cathedral


    Before I visited Split’s imposing cathedral, which is located right at the heart of Diocletian’s Palace, I went for some lunch at Makrovega.

    This restaurant is on Lestina and exclusively serves vegan and vegetarian food. For lunch I had a tempeh sandwich and some fresh orange juice. It was both tasty and affordable, and it was lovely and cool inside the restaurant. Perfect on a hot day like today.

    After that I headed back towards the centre of the old town area of Split to visit another of the city’s top attractions, the Cathedral of St. Duje. I joined the crowds heading inside and was pretty awed at just how much they’ve packed into a pretty small interior. Almost every inch of the interior is covered with art, stonework and plenty more.

    The cathedral is also home to an impressive bell tower, which you can climb for views over the city. And if you’re in Split for any length of time, you’ll definitely hear the cathedral’s bell tower in action, as the bells chime on the hour and on the half hour throughout the day.

    Right now I’m back at Old Town Hostel Split but in a little while I’m going to head for some dinner at nearby Fortuna pizzeria as I’ve heard it’s good. Then I’m going to stroll down the Riva where I plan to take some night shots and see what entertainment they have going on along the promenade!

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