Stay in a Traditional Ryokan in Japan

Ryokans have been part of the Japanese culture for centuries and originated to allow travellers an overnight rest on their long journeys. In traditional ryokans you take off your shoes in an “agari-kamachi” and separating each room are sliding paper doors. You will most likely be sleeping on futon and eating on low wooden tables while sitting on the floor. View our selection of Ryokans in some of the top destinations around Japan.

Ryokans in Izu Peninsula

Located inside an old historical building, K’s House Ito Onsen offers visitors to Izu Peninsula an authentic experience of a traditional Japanese ryokan. On site you’ll find communal and private onsen which are natural hot spring baths, along with a number of dorms and private rooms in Japanese tatami style.
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Ryokans in Kyoto

1_KyotoNagomi-Ryokan Yuu is located in central Kyoto the ancient capital of Japan near the JR Kyoto Station. The Ryokan is a “machiya” a Japanese Wooden House. It has a beautiful inner courtyard to chillout after exploring this beautiful ancient city.

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Ryokans in Tokyo

2_TokyoLocated in the quaint neighborhood near Tokyo University is Homeikan. This Ryokan is close to many restaurants, shops and subway. This Ryokan is known for their delicious breakfasts and beautiful garden. It’s a little oasis in the centre of Tokyo.

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Ryokans in Hakone

3_HakoneOhmiya Ryokan is in the Hakone National Park. This Ryokan is nearby an Onsen or Hot Spring. There are baths in the Ryokan too that you can use to relax after exploring the national park. This Ryokan is walking distance from the Odakyu Hakone Yumoto Station. You can also enjoy fresh seafood from the Odawara Port near Hakone.
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Ryokans in Osaka

4_OsakaKaneyoshi Ryokan is in Minami, the shopping and entertainment district in Downtown Osaka. Osaka is Japan’s third largest city and home to the famous castle Osakajo. This Ryokan is conveniently located close to 2 metro stops Namb and Nippombashi. So perfect to explore all the wonderful sights of Osaka.
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Ryokans in Hiroshima

5_HiroshimaRyokan Sansui run by a friendly family is 15 minutes by tram from the JR Hiroshima Station. It’s only a short 5 minute walk to Peace Memorial Park, a large park built in the centre of the city after the bomb. The park is also home to the Peace Memorial Museum with detailed history of Hiroshima. If you want to explore further afield, Miyajima island is only 1 hour from Hiroshima, where you can visit the famous Itsukushima Shrine.
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Still haven’t made up your mind if a ryokan is for you? Well listen to my podcast where I speak to the owner of one of Tokyo’s traditional Ryokans.

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