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  1. Steak and tango part 1

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    Steak and tango part 1


    Last night I pigged out on lots of meat. Not for the first time in Argentina I might add. Meat here is a big thing, and unless you’re a vegetarian, you’ll be eating lots of it here.

    We ate in a restaurant called El Gaucho. It’s on Calle Lavalle in Downtown Buenos Aires. It’s good value, staff are friendly, and the first thing you see as you walk into it is lots of meat cooking. Kind of sets the tone for the restaurant.

    Afterwards I went to my first ‘milonga’ club with one fellow Hostelworlder (Itzy) to meet another one (Noelia). There’s the two gals at the top of this blog. A milonga club is where aspiring tango dancers come to display just how good (or bad) their tango dancing is. I didn’t get up. Not that I’ve two left feet or anything. Just opted not to opt if you know what I mean.

    It’s now Saturday the 31st and I’m at the airport waiting for my friend Richie to arrive. He’s the guy in our ‘Best Pint of Guinness in Dublin’ podcast and ‘Live from Oktoberfest’ podcast. I’m taking some holidays here you see (eh, yes, the rest of it is work) and he’s joining me. Hope the weather is better than it is now though. There’s a lot of grey outside.

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    Catherine said on 06/11/2009 at 5:25pm

    Ah it's a tough life Colm :)

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