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  1. Stop 2 in South America - Cusco

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    Stop 2 in South America - Cusco


    In comparison to Lima, Cusco is a quiet city. But as it's a popular spot on the backpacker trail and is full of hostels. This is all because it's the base point for the Inca Trail and other treks to Machu Picchu.

    I'm staying in LOKI Backpacker Hostel. It's an extremely popular place, mainly due to its bar. It also has free Wifi and internet which is always a bonus. It's a short walk from the main square Plaza de Armas but that's a good thing as it's away from tourist touts trying to get you to have a massage (some with an, ahem, 'happy ending'), buy a tour to Machu Picchu (the words 'Amigo, Machu Picchu?' are already ringing in my ears) or eat in their restaurant.

    At this moment I'm just back from exploring the town. I haven't entered too many of the sights (only got here at 2pm so will do it tomorrow), but I did have a very nice lunch in Jack’s Café on Choquechaca. It’s run by an Aussie lady and they do great sandwiches. Definitely recommended. It’s in the middle of the city which is where I’m going tonight to see what the bars here have to offer.

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