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  1. Storyteller of the year longlist

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    Nominations for our first ever Travel Story Awards 2013 are now in, and it’s time to reveal the nominee longlists for each of our ten categories, starting with the big one - Storyteller of the Year.

    We asked you to nominate “a blog you’ve loved in 2013 because of its consistently great stories told by a fantastic blogger personality,” and you didn’t disappoint, with over 150 individual blogs put up for consideration. It was a tough job to narrow down these entries to a longlist of 25, but by jove, we’ve done it. Scroll below to see who’s made the list, and the reasons why given by those who nominated.

    - Voting for Storyteller of the Year will open on December 11th.

    - A shortlist of ten bloggers, drawn from the 25 top nominees below, will be revealed on the day voting begins.

    - The winning blogger will be announced in January, and will receive a week’s free accommodation from Hostelworld

    Storyteller of the Year Award Longlist

    Off the Path 


    “A lot of inspiration to get out of the hamster wheel and follow your dreams.”



    “Unique locations, great story telling/angles and great photos. This is truly a site [I] continually come back to.”

    Wandering Earl


    “Makes me want to keep exploring the world.”

    One Step 4ward


    “Johnny offers inspiration to people who dream of making travel their lifestyle.”

    Uncornered Market


    No reason given. We love it anyway.

    Fluent in 3 Months


    “Cultural investigations through language learning.”

    Around the World in Eighty Years


    “Thoughtful, researched articles coupled with amazing photography.”

    Legal Nomads


    “Rich, long-form storytelling.”

    A Cook Not Mad


    “Tim is a real character and can tell a great story.”

    This Battered Suitcase


    “Brenna has a way with words that sucks you in.”

    Time Travel Turtle


    “Some amazing stories and a really refreshing look on different locations around the world.”

    Adventurous Kate


    “I've always liked her site - it's an inspiration to bloggers and travellers everywhere!”

    Breathe, Dream, Go


    “Passionate, well-told stories.”

    Bucket List Journey


    “Written from the perspective of traveling in search of bucket list-worthy experiences.”

    Further Abound


    “Hannah is an amazing storyteller, an excellent writer and a lovely person who has genuine love for the world and travel, which comes across so elegantly through her writing. I love being able to see her world through her words.”

    A Backpackers’ Tale


    “Some great adventure misadventure Travel Stories covering everything from running of the bulls to the Mongol Rally."

    Around the World in 80 Jobs


    “Almost lost it all to a multi-national company, but stood tall instead of suing to make an example for entrepreneurs and the travel blogging community.”

    Bridges and Balloons


    “Full of inspiring personal stories with beautiful photos to match.”

    Katrinka Abroad


    No reason given. We love it anyway.

    The Great Affair


    “Candace is a wonderful writer who brings a place to life, and she's also a risk taker wherever she goes.”

    Brendan’s Adventures


    Because who else goes to Africa and then rides a scooter down the west side of it?? Through the Congo!

    D Travels Round


    “Amazing and inspirational stories.”

    This World Rocks


    “Great stories that talk about the world and the history of the world instead of just the bloggers themselves. Great writing and incredible videos.”



    “He bikes, he dives, he treks, he surfs, he runs and he blogs. An all-round blogger who provides great and informative travel guides, vivid photos and interesting anecdotes of his travels.”

    The Travel Pop 


    “A unique and interesting concept for travel blogging.”

    Congratulations to all nominees!

    Stay tuned for the rest of our Travel Story Award category longlists, coming soon:

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