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  1. Stranded by the ash? Here's how Hostelworld can help

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    Are you one of the thousands, sorry, millions of passengers that was affected by that volcano in Iceland? Good news and good news - the skies have reopened and we can help if you're still stranded!

    While the skies are open again, you may still have to wait a until tonight or maybe even tomorrow to board a plane bound for your next destination. So if that's the case, here are a few ways Hostelworld.com can help you beat the waiting game:

    - First and foremost, if you're waiting to see what the deal is with your booking you can contact our customer service team

    - If you're sick of listening to everybody complaining and want to listen to something a bit more travel related we've got travel podcasts for everywhere from Amsterdam to Tokyo

    - If you want to escape the reality of being stuck in your hostel, or still at home waiting to leave, take a look at our award-winning travel videos

    - Turn your story from a negative to a positive by sending us a message on Twitter @hostelworld

    - If you're excited about finally getting to travel again, prepare for your next leg by the different products in our Travel Store. These include Lonely Planet Guidebooks, Travelnroam Travel Sim Cards, concert tickets and more

    - If you want get out and about or get active in your next stop, do this by booking a tour for when you're there

    - Plan your trip in your destination with the help of one of our free pocket guides

    - And finally, of course no matter where you are (stranded or not), Hostelworld.com has the biggest selection of hostels on the internet if you need to book hostels for your next destination

    And not only that, if your booking was affected by the volcano ash, you've been automatically entered into a draw for an iPod touch!

    Safe travels!

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