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  1. Surf's Up

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    Surf's Up


    Down on Main Beach, Island Vibe holds surfing lessons for any aspiring surfers staying at the hostel. Dale was the instructor working today and he had two pupils out in the surf.

    Even just watching the surf lesson looked like a lot of fun (as you can see here) so I’m considering giving it a go if I have some time to spare before I leave here on Friday.

    The guys here have been telling me about this awesome project they have going on here in J Bay called the Joshua Project where they give surfing lessons to street kids living here. It’s pretty awesome to see a hostel not only providing a great service for the people visiting here but giving something back to the local kids too.

    After the surf lesson, Ed and I went for a spot of breakfast at Café Kima. The food was really awesome! I had a huge omelette which was delicious. The portions really are large so it’s a great spot to go after you’ve built up an appetite in the surf.

    Now I'm off out to see the town with Tracey from Island Vibe and then figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of today. Good times!

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