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  1. Sweltering in Cape Town

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    Sweltering in Cape Town


    And I do mean sweltering. It was still 40 degrees at 4pm according to a billboard I saw as I finally disembarked the city sightseeing bus tour back at the Waterfront.

    I had a long and really fantastic day in Cape Town today. I'm tired now, I have to admit, but it was definitely great to see some of the city. And the bus tour was a really good way to do it.

    There's a stop near Ashanti Gardens so I headed down to that and hopped in.

    One of the first areas we visited was District 6, which is where 60,000 people were forcibly removed from their homes during the 70s by the Apartheid regime. Their homes were then flattened by bulldozers. Today much of the district is still vacant lots of scrubland serving as a reminder of that awful event. The more I learn about South African history, the more I want to know. It's not a nice history by a long shot but these are the types of events we should all learn about in the hopes of preventing something so heinous from happening again.

    From there we moved through the city and began the ascent towards Table Mountain. Man was that an impressive trip. The views out over the city as we climbed higher and higher were incredible. When we got to the cable car station, I hopped off and queued first for a ticket and then to get on a cable car.

    Where I proceeded to miss the first cable car I was waiting for as I was sitting in the shade reading this book I picked up at a second hand book store in Plett. There I was, reading away, and when I looked up to check on the status of the car it was already heading up towards the summit. I had to laugh.

    I put my book away after that and made it safely onto the next cable car. Wow is that a high mountain. My ears popped on the way up and I couldn't believe how much I could see from the car. Which had a very interesting feature - a revolving floor. I thought that was a really nice touch. No matter where you were in the car you got a great view!

    From the summit of the mountain, I took the obligatory shot of self with sea in background and then went for a stroll. The dassies (which are little creatures that look like a cross between a guinea pig and a rat but are actually a relative of the elephant!) weren't out and about much but I did see lots of lizards, butterflies and cool flora.

    After some time on the mountain top, I caught the cable car back down and hopped back on the city tour bus.

    The next time I hopped off we had arrived at Camps Bay beach. By this stage I was seriously overheating which was why the coldness of the sea came as such an awesome relief. Not that I went in very far. Just up to my calves but even that was so nice. One wave did catch me by surprise and my Mossel Bay board shorts got wet to the knees but they dried ridiculously quickly. There were so many people on the beach today, with plenty more frequenting the bars and cafes lining the road facing the beach.

    I spent a nice long time walking along the beach then went to pick up a cool drink before getting back on the bus.

    When we got back to the Waterfront I had some food and bought a couple of books. I don't think I'm going to go very far tomorrow before my evening flight so it'll be cool to have something to read as I chill.

    I'm not sure I'll get a chance to update tomorrow so I should probably close off my Cape Town chapter now. I've loved the glimpse I've gotten of the city and South Africa as a whole.

    I think this is a country that people make a lot of incorrect assumptions about including something as simple as the state of the drinking water (which is totally fine by the way). I can only go by my own experience and that has been an incredibly positive one. I've met some amazing, friendly people. I've seen some fantastic things. And I really hope I make it back here for a holiday in the not too distant future!

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