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  1. Sydney: A city just as fantastic in winter

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    Sydney: A city just as fantastic in winter


    Our newest guest blogger is Brooke Schoenman, the blogger behind WhyGo Australia, an online travel guide to the land down under. She is based in Sydney, Australia, living as an expat with her Aussie partner. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to help prepare for your upcoming travels to Australia.

    Sydney is a summer city; there is no doubt about that. But not everyone gets to take a holiday to Australia during our awesome summer. If you’re planning a trip during the Australian winter, that's okay! Sydney is a city so unique and lively that there's always something special to take part in during all seasons of the year, and since winter is fast approaching in the Southern Hemisphere, I thought I'd point out the reasons why Sydney should still be at the tops of your travel lists.

    There are activities that are simply better in winter
    Yeah, sure, there are beaches, beaches and some more beaches in this city, but some of the main tourist attractions of Sydney and its surrounds are better savoured in cooler weather.

    Hunter Valley
    I love the Hunter Valley and tasting heaps of wine, but sampling a bunch of reds in the middle of the summer isn't quite as nice as it is when the weather is a few degrees colder. Winter has the perfect climate for doing just that, and if the wine isn't making you warm enough, why not rent out a private little cottage and chill out with that special someone by the fireplace.

    Blue Mountains
    Like the Hunter Valley, the Blue Mountains have a flavour that is so much better in the winter – they are mountains after all. While they are quite beautiful in the summer months, and the Jenolan Caves are great at any time of the year, the winter months take them one step further into a cosy getaway.

    Some city activities are more tolerable during winter
    Sweltering in the summer heat and humidity can be quite draining and stressful for a traveller who wants to see and experience it all. You will easily find yourself sticking to the seats of the train or your rental car, and if walking, you'll be a little bit damper than normal.

    Walking tours
    So, if walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge or hiking through the Royal National Park are leaving you concerned about getting too much sun and being dehydrated, the winter months have you saved. During the day, Sydney's winter weather is quite pleasurable, especially when you are backing it up with a little physical activity. You'll be able to actually enjoy these activities without sweating (at least not as much) in the off-season.

    Cafes and pubs
    Sitting down at a cafe with a delectable cappuccino in hand, leaving me feeling warm and happy was made for winter. The same goes for hanging out at pubs – I just like it more when the weather is cooler because I don't feel like I'm going to overheat in the process.

    This is a big one for anyone who desires a good night out or two. Sweating it up on the dance floor, being smashed inside a stinky club, or just walking home after a long night can all put an even bigger damper on the way you feel the day after if you're hotter than hot from the summer nights.

    Winter festivals come to life
    The weather may be cooler, but the people celebrate it with winter festivals galore. There's the Christmas Festival which takes place in July up in the Blue Mountains. It’s held to give the Australians a taste of what a Northern Hemisphere's December holiday season is like, with foods and decorations that suit the season. In Sydney there are events and activities taking place that get the Australian people out enjoying the weather. ‘Luminous’ also paints the city in fascinating light art for an entire month.

    Can you really call it winter?
    The average temperatures for Sydney in the winter months often reach the mid-60sF/18°C, and when that sun is shining it really is beautiful. There's nothing better to do at this time of year than to grab some take-away fish and chips and sit on the beach, enjoying the bliss of the moment.

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