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  1. Taking an elephant for a walk and other activities

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    Taking an elephant for a walk and other activities


    Yesterday if someone had asked me what I did in work that day, I would have answered that I: a) took an elephant for a walk, b) observed many monkeys and birds, c) saw grown-ups try to call a cheetah as if it was a domestic cat and more besides.

    Let’s start from the beginning though, and that’s at the Elephant Sanctuary. Nina from Albergo for Backpackers and myself had an early start but we didn’t mind at all because what an awesome place! Not only was it an incredibly awe-inspiring experience to get to interact with these amazing creatures but it was also very educational.

    In fact, the emphasis is on education here and that’s a good thing in my opinion. The animals aren’t being exploited and when you visit your interaction with them is kept to a minimum. The elephant I was lucky enough to get to meet was called Marula. She’s a teenage elephant and she’s a total sweetheart. I got to feed her and learn all about her, from her thick hide to her toenails. When the interaction part was over our guide, a very friendly guy called Delicious, gave us a really fascinating talk about elephant anatomy and interaction. I was surprised to learn that not only can elephants cry but they actually grieve when a member of their group dies.

    The elephants at the sanctuary are all rescue animals and they’re being rehabilitated here before being released. One of the elephants, for example, was being kept by someone as a pet. A pet! I really don’t know what kind of idiot someone has to be to think that’s a good idea. People are very strange. At least the elephant’s in a good place now.

    From here we walked to Monkeyland and  Birds of Eden and I’ve got so much to say about both that I might have to make it another post!

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