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  1. The Bariloche finale

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    The Bariloche finale


    Last night we had to endure listening to a guy in a pub called Pilgrim talk absolute drivel. He was one of those guys who’s an expert on anything. He also put the word ‘yeah’ after every sentence. In a word...torture.

    This was all after a steak in a parilla in Bariloche called El Boliche de Alberto. That steak in the foreground of this photo is my steak. It was huge. The other is Richie's. Obviously. It was after we pigged out on our steaks that we went to that pub to listen to this moron. From there we went for another couple of quiet beers as we were up early today.

    So it’s bye bye Bariloche. If you’re an outdoors person this is the place for you (once the weather is ok of course). If you’re not you should have a good time in the hostels and bars, Wilkenny in particular.

    Now I’m in the airport waiting to board a plane to El Calafate. People go there to see a glacier and tomorrow we’re going to hike it.

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