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  1. The beautiful Bariloche

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    The beautiful Bariloche


    A few years back friends of mine were in Argentina. Upon returning they raved about one place in particular – Bariloche. I flew here today and I can see why they loved it so much...it’s a very picturesque place. It’s full of hostels too.

    I’m staying in Hostel Pudu. It’s run by a lovely Irish couple called John and Emma. That’s the view from our room. Is impressive I’ll think you’ll agree. The hostel has a bar also, and free Wifi which is always a bonus.

    Emma checked us in and then gave us the lowdown on the town. The big thing here is the surrounding mountains and walks. There are lots of activities to do also. Am thinking I might have a go at white-water rafting again.

    Emma’s given us some good recommendations for restaurants here in Bariloche. One of them is a Mexican restaurant called Dias de Zapata. That’s where we’re bound for now.

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