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  1. The best pizza in New York City

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    The best pizza in New York City


    Today’s guest blogger is Laurie DePrete, editor of the blog ScenebyLaurie. Laurie's two passions are traveling and New York City. Her blog is her way of sharing and experiencing more of both with fellow enthusiasts. Her quest in travel and for her readers is to uncover the unique or lesser known gems that locals know about and visitors want to learn — both in New York and around the world. You can also follow her on twitter at @scenebylaurie.
    NYC is known for its pizza and there are tons of pizzerias to choose from so it can be a bit overwhelming. Take my advice and skip the more famous places like Patsy's, Grimaldi's or Lombardi's and go to one of these for a much tastier pie and unique experience.
    Adrienne's Pizzabar, 54 Stone Street, Financial District, Manhattan
    Adrienne's is in the Financial District with outdoor seating on the famous cobblestone Stone Street that turns into a street party at night. The pizza is delicious with interesting flavor combinations like the ten inch round "barese" with sausage, fennel and onion or the "toscana" with prosciutto ham, potato and scallion. They also have the old fashioned pizza which is a perfectly thin and crisp square pizza to which you can add your own toppings. Beer, wine and cocktails are available too.
    Artichoke Basilles Pizzeria, 328 East 14th Street, East Village, Manhattan
    Having first worked at the Basilles' family restaurant, cousins Francis Garcia and Sal Basille learned a few things about making pizza which helped Artichoke become an instant success upon opening in 2008. It's a tiny, non-descript place in the East Village that draws in crowds for the great tasting pizza and generous portions that make up for the lack of décor and seating. Slices or pies are available and their specialties are spinach-artichoke pizza, crab pizza and stuffed artichokes. They could be seen as pricey, but the portions are hungry-man size.
    Keste Pizza and Vino, 271 Bleecker Street, West Village, Manhattan
    While many people stop at the famous restaurant 'John's' for pizza on Bleecker Street, my advice is walk straight passed it 'Kesté'. These guys are so serious about making authentic Neapolitan pizza (as in from Naples) that they had the oven made by craftsmen from Naples. It definitely pays off in the perfect crust of their mouthwatering pizza. Fresh ingredients and gourmet offerings such as the Pizza del Papa with butternut squash cream, imported smoked mozzarella, artichokes, and red and yellow peppers make it a bit more expensive but the crowds attest to its awesomeness. Classics like Marinara and Margherita are also perfect in their simplicity and freshness.
    Arturo's, 106 West Houston Street, Greenwich Village
    An NYC long timer with much less pretentiousness than the nearby Soho restaurants, Arturo's loyal customers keep coming back for the coal-oven pizza which makes a thicker, puffy crust. Fresh mozzarella and sauce, crust charcoaled just right, a long list of toppings that are piled on liberally, jazz music and a cozy feel combine for great eats and ambience at Arturo's.
    Otto Enoteca & Pizzeria, 1 Fifth Avenue (at 8th street), Greenwich Village, Manhattan
    Mario Batali's affordable eatery is complete with all of his great Italian culinary expertise and flavors but at reasonable prices. There are about 18 pizzas to choose from including a daily special, all below $14. Among the choices are Fennel and Bottarga, Swiss Chard and Goat Cheese, or Clams pizza. A nice surprise is the sauceless olive oil and sea salt pizza. And there are the classics of course: Marinara and Margherita. Pastas are also delish and cheap and the wine list is literally out of this world.
    To keep up to date with everything on the ScenebyLaurie blog follow Laurie on Twitter at @scenebylaurie.
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