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  1. The Comeback Kid

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    The Comeback Kid


    Okay. I’ll admit it. I’ve dropped the ball in this relationship. I’ve been neglectful, selfish, and inconsiderate to you, my wonderful reader(s)-Mom, are you still there? I guess now would be the time to say something clever and witty to win you back.

    Uh…it’s not you; it’s me?

    No really, let me explain.

    When I entered the “Connects” competition last spring, I was also in the process of interviewing with various private schools in Jeju, a small, beautiful island southwest of Korea’s mainland.  After discovering I was the winner, I proposed the idea of teaching in Jeju as part of my “around the world trip” and hostelworld.com graciously agreed.  So, after spending some time in Seoul, I migrated to the island.

    My first days in Jeju were spent adjusting to a new way of life, navigating my way around the island, and finding the best ways to fill young Korean noggins with knowledge. But now, a few months in, I’ve been able to dig a bit deeper, getting more involved and finding my weeks blurring together in a delirious whirlwind.

    Guitar lessons, writing for Jeju’s English newspaper, cycling, hiking, ultimate frisbee, volleyball…this small island has provided so many different, amazing opportunities. Isn’t it funny how easy it is to follow your passions and pursue other interests when you’re abroad? Why is that? Maybe as foreigners we feel more liberated and not tied down to our society’s norms. It’s okay to explore different outlets. Or, perhaps it stems from the high we feel from living in a different country, the feeling of being different morphs into confidence. We can take on anything! Either way, I’m going to take advantage of it all.

    From here on out, I promise to be more faithful in my updates. I want to drink everything in and share my stories with you.

    Life is busy, but oh so good.

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