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  1. The day before the ice-trek

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    Last night was a quiet night. We stayed here playing pool here in Che Lagarto Hostel for the most part of the evening and then went for something to eat.

    Considering this isn’t the biggest town in the world, there are actually quite a lot of restaurants in El Calafate. We did try to get into a restaurant called Pura Vida but it was full. It does traditional Argentinean food, but not steak. This is good as we’ve had our fill of dead cows already in Argentina. Instead we ate in Casimiro Bigua. It’s a bit more expensive than other restaurants, but nothing too major. I had lasagne. Richie had cannelloni. Both of us were stuffed.

    Tomorrow we’re going to Perito Moreno Glacier. It’s basically the only reason people come here. I’ve heard from one person that it’s the coolest thing he’s seen here in Argentina, and from another that it’s ‘awe-inspiring’. I’m a little bit excited to say the least.

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