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  1. The elephants on parade

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    The elephants on parade


    Spent the first half of yesterday being driven around Addo Elephant Park by Malcolm, a ranger with Schotia Safaris, where we spent the second half of the day. And boy, did we see some elephants.

    As you can see from the picture, we got pretty up close and personal with these giant animals and it was a pretty amazing sight to see.

    The part of the park we were visiting is home to over 400 elephants and I think we saw a good chunk of them today. We saw most of them just before lunchtime, all gathered around the watering hole. Some of them were taking a dip, while others grouped around to rest while standing up.

    It was my first time on a safari like this and it was kind of amazing to see so many of these huge creatures all in the same place and to learn about specific elephants we saw. Like Terry, a bull elephant with a fondness for the ladies.

    Then it was off to lunch, which was included in the tour, followed by a quick pit stop at Addo Raptor and Reptile Centre. Here I very gingerly held a small snake that quickly wrapped its way very comfortably around my hand.

    It was a completely harmless snake but how it kept shifting around freaked me out a little. I’m not a snake person. So I was really happy to be just taking pictures when he brought out the python and started draping it around people. I did also get to meet a feisty little mongoose which was awesome, and see the smallest bird of prey in Africa.

    I’d really recommend a visit to Addo while in PE. It’s so cool to see all the elephants up close, and even better when combined with a visit to Schotia too, and that’s where I went to next.

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