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  1. The Hagenbeck Zoo and Aquarium, two of Hamburg’s most popular attractions

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    The Hagenbeck Zoo and Aquarium, two of Hamburg’s most popular attractions


    To round off checking out the main attractions in Hamburg, I went to visit the Tierpark Hagenbeck and the Tropical Aquarium Hagenbeck. Both the zoo and the aquarium are on the same site, which can be reached by U-Bahn in about 20 minutes from the city centre.

    The zoo has been on the go for over a hundred years and was one of the first zoos in the world to start using more open enclosures to try and mirror the animals’ normal habitats, along with moats and more natural barriers instead of huge fences.

    It’s a big spot, with lots of different animals to see including the elephants. I was quite surprised to see people hand-feeding the elephants but the zookeepers were on hand, keeping an eye on things. You can buy the food on the way in and, as you can see from the picture above, the elephants seem well used to accepting this food from visitors.

    Once I was finished strolling around the zoo, I made my way to the aquarium. There’s a huge amount to see in the aquarium, which I discovered as I wandered around. I entered through the tropical house where I saw lots of ring-tailed lemurs, colourful birds and gigantic snakes.

    Then it was on to the fish tanks, including the tank belonging to the jellyfish you can see below.

    My favourite tank was the last one – a giant affair filled with rays, fish and four different types of sharks. There were lots of carpeted steps facing this tank and it was really relaxing to just sit there for a while and watch the sharks swim around.

    I’m going to be seeing some fish tomorrow too; however, these ones won’t be swimming anywhere. I’m going to get up early to head to the Fish Market which runs from 5.30am to 9.30am to check out all the stalls. Apparently some really interesting things are sold here, plus it’s attended by an interesting crowd made up of tourists who’ve gotten up early to check out the market and partygoers who’ve come straight from the bars and clubs. Should be quite a sight.

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