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  1. The highest law in the land

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    The highest law in the land


    Yesterday afternoon I visited one of Johannesburg’s most interesting attractions. It’s called Constitution Hill, one of South Africa’s most important sights that is located on the site of Johannesburg’s most notorious prison, the Old Fort Prison.

    It is broken up into four different sections, but the most important of these by a mile is the Constitutional Court, the protector of the rights and freedoms of South Africans. As it is home of the South African Constitution, it is also the home of the highest law of the land. What makes it even more fascinating is that it is but around the remaining stairwells of the old awaiting trial block.

    The other attractions here are Constitution Square, the focal point of the attraction, the Old Fort which was a prison for white only (although Nelson Mandela spent a short space of time in the hospital there on his arrest in 1962), and the Women’s Jail which was built in 1910 and held infamous female criminals.

    It also has other points of interest such as the Great African Steps where black male prisoners were kept awaiting trial and Number Four where thousands of black men were imprisoned and brutalised.

    It’s an enthralling attraction that must be seen here in Jo’burg. And take note that you can do guided tours of the Constitutional Court between 10am and 4pm (on the hour) for the small cost of just 22R.


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