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  1. The Olympics are coming – tips for London 2012 accommodation

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    If you’re planning on going to the Olympics in London this August, good news – there’s still lots of London 2012 accommodation available. You may be wondering in what part of London should you stay? The thing is, along with the Olympic Stadium which is out near Stratford in East London, there are events taking place in Earls Court, Greenwich, Hyde Park beside Kensington and other parts of the city. Did we also mention that there are events taking place in other UK cities as well as London? Read on...

    Olympic Park
    You don’t need me to tell you this is the main site for this summer’s Olympics. All the athletics will take place while in the Olympic Stadium. Along with that, the Aquatic Centre, Basketball Arena and Velodrome (for the cycling) are here.

    The nearest station to the Olympic Park is Pudding Mill Lane which is on the Docklands Light Rail. You can get here via tube Bow Road station (District and Hammersmith lines) and Canary Wharf (Jubilee line). Parts of London on these lines include Piccadilly, Hammersmith and Paddington.

    Earls Court
    Calling all volleyball fans – if you’re going to see your country try to win gold then Earls Court is where to see them. Located in south-west London, it’s a great part of the city to stay in with easy access to the centre of the city.

    Not far from Olympic Park is London’s Excel Centre. Host to conferences throughout the year, this August it will be hosting the Olympic boxing, fencing, judo, taekwondo, table tennis, weightlifting and wrestling. The nearest stop is Custom House for ExCeL on the DLR line. As a result, Piccadilly, Hammersmith and Paddington are again convenient places to stay.

    Greenwich Park and North Greenwich Arena
    The famous suburb of Greenwich is home to two arenas where you will be able to collectively see the equestrian games, the modern pentathlon, basketball and gymnastics.

    Horse Guards Parade
    Beach volleyball is always one of the most watched events at the Olympic Games. This games’ event couldn’t be more central, with 10 Downing Street, the London Eye and Big Ben on the court’s doorstep. This means staying in the heart of the West End in Soho, Victoria or near Oxford St is the perfect location. This is great for those looking to stay in a hotel rather than a hostel as there are lots of London 2012 hotels with availability also.

    Hyde Park
    London’s most famous open, green area is where you’ll be able to catch swimming and the triathlon. When events aren’t taking place it’s the perfect place to unwind on a hot August afternoon. Thankfully many of the hostels in London are in close proximity in Kensington.

    Lords Cricket Ground
    London’s famous cricket ground is the north part of the city, close to Paddington. Conveniently, many of the city’s hostels can be found in this part of the city. The games being played? Just one – archery.

    One of London’s most famous neighbourhoods is where, unsurprisingly, the tennis will be held. Located in the south-west of the city, the most convenient part of the city to be staying to get to Wimbledon is Earls Court.

    The Mall
    Located near Victoria, and with the backdrop of the world’s most famous stately home in Buckingham Palace, images of the marathon finishing in front of the aforementioned home to the Queen will be beamed all over the world in August. If you want to be close to the action, stay in Victoria. In this part of town you’ll find lots of London Olympic hotels as well as hostels.

    Wembley Arena and Stadium
    If football is your thing, then you’ll want to stay near the Metropolitan line which is where you’ll find the Wembley Park stop.

    Photos courtesy of martin55, anachronism_uk, cipd, vic15, drobnikm and morphyoss. All images used under the Creative Commons license.

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