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  1. The Rathaus and Kunsthalle, two of Hamburg’s top attractions

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    The Rathaus and Kunsthalle, two of Hamburg’s top attractions


    As it was a bit overcast today in Hamburg, I decided to spend most of my time checking out indoor attractions. First though, I met with Bea Röttgers from the Hamburg Tourist Board to record a podcast which will appear on Hostelworld.com soon.

    After that, it was off on a bit of a whirlwind tour of Hamburg’s attractions. Two of the best spots I visited were the Rathaus (town hall) and the Kunsthalle, which is the city’s top gallery.

    It took a guided tour of the Rathus and I really enjoyed it. English language tours run at quarter past the hour throughout the day and the tours don’t cost much at all (even less if you invest in a Hamburg card, which I’ve done).

    Our guide took us through a selection of the incredibly ornate rooms of Hamburg’s Town Hall, including rooms with names like the Phoenix Hall and the Great Hall. As you can see from the picture here, the interiors of these rooms are nothing short of stunning. It’s very enjoyable to hear the stories behind the rooms too, and see where the parliament of Hamburg still sits today.

    I’m a huge fan of art galleries so the Kunsthalle was something I was looking forward to on this trip and I wasn’t disappointed. Inside this impressive building just behind the Hauptbahnhof, there’s a huge collection of artworks including paintings and sculptures. Classical and contemporary styles are well-represented and the work of some pretty well-known artists is on show. Some of these include Van Gogh, Pissaro and Monet. There’s also a little room which is mostly filled with paintings by Munch. He’s one of my favourite artists so it was brilliant to see some of his work.

    Along with these two top Hamburg attractions, I also checked out a couple of the city’s stunning churches, some of the main shopping areas and I visited the wonderful Miniatur Wunderland, which I’ll talk about some more in my next blog.

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