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  1. The shopping malls of Pretoria

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    The shopping malls of Pretoria


    (February 2nd) There are a few giant malls in Pretoria and I spent a chunk of the afternoon visiting two of the most popular, namely Menlyn Park and Brooklyn Mall. Both are great spots for anyone looking to part with a few Rand, with a mix of local stores and internationally recognisable brands.

    I spent longer in Menlyn Park as that’s also where I had some dinner! I went to this great place called Baobab which had come recommended by Kasiani, who’d recorded the podcast for me in Union Buildings. And it was a good recommendation! Delicious food at really affordable prices, served up by friendly staff.

    Here I tried a Vetkoek pastry filled with mayo chicken and mozzarella which you can see above. A really large portion of this and two soft drinks came in at just over €7 which is fantastic bargain when you consider the quality (and quantity!) of the food. I was sitting at a table in the non-smoking section of the balcony and you get a really great view of the area surrounding Menlyn, which is a suburb to the south east of the city centre and about 80/100 Rand from the centre in a taxi.

    From there I headed back to Pretoria Backpackers to speak with Trish who’s my nightlife guru here at the hostel. She’s going to hopefully be coming out with me to some of Pretoria’s best bars on Thursday night from 9am (which is when I’m told things really get going here!) so I can collect the necessary information for the After Dark section of the Pretoria Guide which will go up with all the other pocket guides once I’m back in Dublin.

    Tomorrow I’m off to see more of the city including the new Freedom Park!

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