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  1. The Travel Bloggers Show – the very first one

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    The Travel Bloggers Show – the very first one


    Last Sunday I attended the first ever Travel Bloggers Show in Orlando. Part of The Trade Show which takes place over the same few days, it was both an introduction to blogging along with tips for those who may already be established in the blogging world.

    Hosted by the guys behind ‘Tripatini’, ‘facebook for travellers’ according to the New York Times, Chris Elliot kicked off proceedings. His presentation was interesting. He touched on the how to start off in the first place, how to make your blog interesting, how to drive traffic and more.

    After that was Ed Hasbrouck who had some PR tips amongst others. Then the show finished off with a panel of bloggers who gave tips on niche blogging, something which interested me greatly since we have a niche – you guys. This was chaired by Kim Mance, founder of another travel blogging convention called Travel Bloggers Exchange aka TBEX and editor of GoGalavanting.com. On the panel was Matt Kepnes from Nomadicmatt.com, Janice Waugh from Solotravelerblog.com, Jeanine Brown from Jthetravelauthority.com and Beth Whitman from Wanderlustandlipstick.com.

    The conference was great. It helped those who had no blog at all, those who were just getting their blog off the ground, and those who had a blog for a long time. I picked up some great tips and met a lot of cool people too. After the show I then spent some time at the trade show to see if I could drum up a bit of business when I was there. Really glad I went.

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