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  1. The wait is over...Machu Picchu

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    The wait is over...Machu Picchu


    This morning I got up at 3.30am. That's so early it's essentially yesterday. The reason for this obscenely early arise was to ensure we got tickets for Hyuana Pichu. Only 400 tickets are issued for it every day - 200 for the 7am climb and another 200 for the 10am climb.

    After getting up at 3.30am, myself, Mauro and Will (two guys who I met on the tour) hit the road at 3.50am. I don't think I've ever started walking that early. Not after waking up anyway. We began making our way to the road to Machu Picchu and the 1,691 steps that lead to it. Reason I know is because Will counted them. On the way down I might add, not on the way up. About half way up none of us knew our own name, never mind how many bloody steps we'd just climbed. But 90 minutes later we made it.

    We got our tickets to climb Hyuana Pichu but in the end myself, Mauro or Will didn't climb it. I didn't climb it as I always stated I wouldn't. They didn't climb it as they were chicken. Obviously. Instead we sat there for two hours or so having what could only be described as a 'moment'. We stayed there watching the clouds clear over Hyuana Picchu and just soaked up the fact that were at Machu Picchu. If you go there I advise you do the same rather than killing yourself trying to climb a mountain you came to look at.

    After taking in that moment, we had a tour by our trusty tour guide Wilbert. Lasting around two hours, it gave us a good insight into the history of the famous sight. Now I am back in Aguas Calientes waiting to board a train/bus back to Cusco. After that it’s bed time. I got up yesterday remember?

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