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  1. The Waterfall, wine tasting and a great man

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    The Waterfall, wine tasting and a great man


    This afternoon I headed out to the Waterfall with a group from Island Vibe. The waterfall itself is down to a trickle because of the current drought, but there’s still a deep pool underneath. Perfect for jumping into, as you can see from the photo here.

    On the trip I got talking to a French lady called Viviane. She’s a photographer travelling the world to take pictures of, I believe, renewable energy. Apologies Viviane if I haven’t gotten that completely right but it was amazing to hear about her solo drive through Namibia and all her travels.

    The Waterfall (and yes, as Ed informed me, it’s just known as the Waterfall) is located on a private farm but they do allow people to visit for a small fee with lots of tours run from different parts of J Bay.

    After that, we headed off for a bit of impromptu wine tasting at Cob Creek which is the first operation of its kind in the Eastern Cape. Their own wine isn’t quite ready yet - it’s due later this year - but they allow guests to sample plenty of other South African wines while explaining lots of things about wine itself.

    While we were sitting around the table, I was chatting with Ben from Island Vibe about Mandela and how today is the 20th anniversary of his release from prison. It was awesome to hear Ben’s thoughts about Mandela and see how much pride people here have in him.

    We came back to the hostel then and I said most of my goodbyes as I probably won’t be seeing many of them tomorrow morning. I’m catching the Baz Bus at 8.15ish. I’ve got around a three hour trip ahead of me after which I’ll arrive in Plettenberg Bay.

    Leaving J Bay I'm actually quite sad. The people here have been incredible and I'll miss my balcony office but I’m looking forward to the next stage of my trip and I know I’ll be back here some day.

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