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  1. The world’s largest tulip garden in Keukenhof

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    The world’s largest tulip garden in Keukenhof


    Cheri is from Taiwan and has joined the Hostelworld team for 8 weeks on an internship. Seeing as she is on this side of the world, she decided it was the perfect time to fulfil her dream and visit Holland – the land of tulips and windmills. She also visited on the ideal weekend as the Keukenhof event was just beginning.

    Keukenhof is an annual event that takes place in Holland in a 32-hectare park that is home to more than 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Here you can walk through 15 kilometres of footpaths that are surrounded by countless colourful tulips and the garden remains open until 20th May 2012.

    Keukenhof highlights:

    Keukenhof was established in 1949 to provide Dutch growers with an opportunity to exhibit their flowers and also to improve Dutch flower exports. In this 32-hectare park you will find 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths growing in and around many walkways so you can take it all in as you stroll through the garden. When I walked through the footpaths, I was impressed by the colour all around the garden as well as the wide variety of flowers growing, many of which I had never seen before. The only other tulip garden I had been to before this was in Taiwan, and since then I have wanted to see Keukenhof for myself. And I was not disappointed as the scenery of the Keukenhof garden was even more spectacular and beautiful than I had ever imagined.

    Apart from tulips, delicate cherry blossoms are another main highlight in the outdoor garden, which I really liked as walking under these gives me a sense of happiness. In addition to the gardens, there are some indoor shows and two of these really impressed me – an indoor tulip exhibit, which included countless tulips in full bloom, and an orchid show, which contained different types of potted orchids. My home of Taiwan is also very famous for planting and exporting orchids, however, I was still impressed by the spectacular beauty of the ones on display here.

    How to get there?

    I flew from Dublin to Eindhoven with Ryanair (the cheapest option) and it’s around two hours by train to Leiden - the closest city to Keukenhof. Amsterdam and Utrecht are other convenient places to stay.

    The organisers of Keukenhof have arranged convenient public transportations for visitors to the event also. You can buy the Combiticket including bus services and entrance tickets in advance on their official website. The fare is €21 per adult. You can choose to take either the direct buses at Leiden Central Station (bus 54) or if you’re coming from Amsterdam airport take bus 58 from Schiphol Plaza. I opted to take the No. 54 bus from Leiden Central Station, so I could explore Leiden on returning from Keukenhof. Leiden is a historical and beautiful city, which is famous for being the home of the oldest university (Leiden University) in Holland.

    There are also several museums in Leiden. I visited the Mill Museum (Molen de Valk) and the Municipal Museum of Leiden (Stedelijk museum de Lakenhal) – entry fees are €3 and €7.50 respectively. I found both of these interesting and well worth the visit.

    After visiting both Keuhenhof and Leiden, I can highly recommend for everyone to check out these two great places. This was also a great trip for me personally as I got to visit a dream destination as well as explore a new country on my own.

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