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  1. Theme parks in Orlando – Universal Studios Florida

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    Theme parks in Orlando – Universal Studios Florida


    Today I made it to one of the most popular theme parks in Orlando – Universal Studios Florida. It’s actually divided into two theme parks now (it was only one when I was here last). There’s Universal Studios of course, but now there’s a second one also – Islands of Adventure.

    I started off in Islands of Adventure as that’s where the main attraction between both theme parks is – the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I won’t go into that right now as I’m going to give it a blog post all of its own.

    So, what about the rest of it? Well, there’s a lot to get through. If you only have one day to explore it like I did, you can still pack a lot in. The key here is planning. You need to look at the maps of all the attractions and make yourself a to-do list. Then you need to make an itinerary. I know it might not sound like fun, but as the tickets cost so much it’s what you need to do.

    Today I managed to get myself onto a total of seven rides / rollercoasters and two shows. This was after entering at 9am and leaving at five. Had I stayed until 6pm in Universal and 7pm in Islands of Adventure, I could’ve seen more.

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