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  1. Things to do in Ottawa – Check out the Museum of Nature

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    Things to do in Ottawa – Check out the Museum of Nature


    About a 20-minute walk from downtown Ottawa you’ll find the Canadian Museum of Nature. Recently revamped, it boasts an intriguing collection of artefacts from a gigantic blue whale skeleton to stunning gems.

    One of my favourite parts of the museum was the Fossil Gallery. From the largest turtle that ever lived to an impressively large predator with an equally large name, Daspletosaurus torosus, the exhibits here are really remarkable.

    Apparently, 85% of the specimens on display in this gallery are real fossils which is a high percentage. Definitely an impressive sight and somewhere you should really try to check out if you get the chance.

    Another impressive part of the museum is the Vale Earth Gallery Exhibition. This exhibit covers the geological history of the Earth and there are a huge amount of rocks, minerals and gems on display.

    They also have a couple of temporary exhibitions going on at the moment. One of these is a display of live frogs which was really enjoyable to visit. Not only do you get to see these amazing creatures, you can also learn about important conservation efforts. There are plenty of interactive displays to check out in this part of the museum too, including a really fun display where you can create your very own amphibian chorus.

    I’d really recommend a visit to the Museum of Nature. There’s so much to see across the various floors and exhibits, and it’s both informative and highly entertaining.

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