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  1. Things to do in Sydney – Embark on its coastal walks

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    Things to do in Sydney – Embark on its coastal walks


    In her latest guest post, winner of our 'Hostelworld Connects' video competition Elizabeth Holbrook tells us about one of the most popular things to do in Sydney - embark on one of its famous coastal walks. If you're planning on visiting Sydney, don't forget Hostelworld.com has the best selection of hostels in Sydney online.

    One of the best ways to get to know a city is to walk it, and Sydney, one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities in the world, is surrounded by coastal hikes that will leave you breathless. The Bondi to Coogee Clifftop Trail and the Manly Scenic Walkway are two popular hikes that will give you a good feel for the area encompassing this breathtaking city.

    The Bondi to Coogee Clifftop Trail
    With alluring beaches, warm cliffs to laze on and tons of stops along the way, this walk is best done at a leisurely pace. Grab your sun block and swimsuit and plan on making a day of it.

    The 5-kilometre path kicks off at Bondi, Sydney’s beautiful and most famous beach. Here sun kissed, toned bodies flock to the golden sand while surfers scatter about the crystal blue waves. Quaint shops line its celebrated Campbell’s Parade and there’s always a celebration to be had - beach concerts, film festivals and of course the raucous annual Christmas day party.

    But all the fun and noise can easily be left behind for a quieter scene. South of Bondi Beach, just edging around the bend lie peaceful cliffs, tucked away stretches of sand and secluded swimming holes. An easy stroll atop the cliffs will take you through quaint neighbourhoods, a mysterious old cemetery and the pleasant beaches of Tamarama, Bronte and Clovelly before finally ending at Coogee (pronounced Cu-jee).

    The Manly Scenic Walkway
    Just getting to the Manly Scenic Walkway is fun in itself. Catching the famous Manly Ferry to the north shore’s best known neighbourhood offers amazing views of Sydney’s iconic Opera House and glistening Harbour Bridge.

    From the Manly ferry terminal, the signs for the walkway are easy to spot. Once docked, it’s best to stock up on water and snacks before embarking on the 10-kilometre track as there aren’t that many shops or cafes along the way.

    The walk starts off west of Manly on an easy path, curving along beautiful harbours dotted with sailboats and lined with seaside mansions. The trail continues on through rugged landscape and excellent viewpoints as it reaches Sydney Harbour National Park. Thoughts of city life fade away while catching glimpses of birds, lizards and other small wildlife and tramping through patches of isolated bush land.

    Both hikes are stunning and by the end of each trail you’ll have worked up a sweat, acquired a sense of “zenfulness,” and have left with a huge sense of accomplishment.

    To figure out your transport options from your hostel to the walkways, check out the City of Sydney public transport page.

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