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  1. Things to do in Vancouver - visit Vancouver Aquarium

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Things to do in Vancouver - visit Vancouver Aquarium


    There are many things to do in Vancouver, one of these is visit Vancouver Aquarium. On the go for more than 50 years, it welcomes huge numbers of visitors each year.

    Today, I visited the Aquarium and met with Karen Howe, Director of Visitor Experience to do an interview for our ‘Only in Vancouver’ podcast. Karen was a brilliant interviewee and told me all about the creatures you can see on site, the conservation projects the Aquarium is involved in, plus lots more.

    After my meeting with Karen, she set us loose inside the Aquarium to check out all the various galleries. There were plenty of people there today and we joined them as we strolled around, seeing everything from seahorses to sea cucumbers.

    We also caught one of the beluga shows, which was really enjoyable. They have three beluga whales at the Aquarium – two adult females and one adorable grey two-year-old calf. The bigger whales are entirely white and just looked so graceful gliding through the water despite their massive size. During the show, we learned lots of interesting facts about the whales and we even got to hear them ‘speak’.

    Along with the fish and mammals, the Aquarium also boasts a cool collection of feathered friends, housed in the tropical exhibit. Colourful (and loud) parrots fly freely around this gallery and it’s great to see them so close without any barriers.

    With so many creatures to see at the Vancouver Aquarium, you really could spend hours wandering around and enjoying the experience.

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