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  1. This is Anfield

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    This is Anfield


    I started the day off with a trip to Anfield, home to Liverpool Football Club. This impressive stadium is just a short trip from the city centre.

    I took the stadium tour, which lasts around an hour. Along the way, I got to see the dressing room, check out the padded seats reserved for the high ups, and even sit in the world-famous Kop area of the stand! The guides were brilliant, full of really great bits of information about former managers, players and more.

    After this I headed back into the city centre, did some filming around the World Museum and then went for lunch in the Everyman Bistro which is underneath the Everyman Theatre. It was absolutely delicious and great value too!

    Then I headed towards Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, where I took 2 lifts and climbed 108 stairs to get to the top of the seriously striking tower. Here I saw amazing views of the whole of Liverpool spread out below. I also learned a quirky little fact during my visit! The guy who designed this cathedral? Also the same guy who designed the red telephone boxes you see throughout the UK!

    Once I’d spent some time at the Cathedral, it was back to Hatters Hostel to arrange my evening’s entertainment!

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