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  1. Tips and tricks #1 - Choosing your price range

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    Tips and tricks #1 - Choosing your price range


    When choosing your hostel on our site, did you know you can filter your results so only hostels with a bar appear? Or that you can have the prices show in a range of currencies from Argentine Peso to Vietnamese Dong? In the first of a series of posts we're going to show you a host of tips and tricks to help you choose the best hostel for you...

    No. 1 - Specifying your price range

    Are you searching for a hostel but are on a strict budget? Then our 'price range' function is perfect for you. Here's how it works:

    1. Choose your destination, arrival date, number of nights and number of guests using the search box on our homepage
    2. Click on ‘find hostels' to see what’s available
    3. On the next page that lists the hostels available you’ll see ‘Price Range’ in the filter section on the left hand side
    4. Using the sliders you can select both a minimum and maximum price threshold (below)

    5. The page will refresh, only showing hostels with beds available in that price range
    6. If you want to start afresh no problem - just click 'Reset Filters' and start again

    >> Try it now!

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