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  1. Tips and tricks #4 - Choosing your preffered payment type

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    Tips and tricks #4 - Choosing your preffered payment type


    When booking on our site, would you prefer to book with a debit card instead of credit card? Or maybe you want to use Paypal? No problem! Using our 'Payment type' filtering you can choose the type of payment that suits you best.

    How to show hostels that accept your chosen payment type

    1. Choose your destination, arrival date, number of nights and number of guests using the search box on our homepage
    2. Click on ‘find hostels' to see what’s available
    3. On the next page that lists the hostels available you’ll see ‘Payment Type’ in the filter section on the left hand side
    4. Tick the box(es) beside your chosen payment type(s) (below)

    5. Once selected, the list of hostels will refresh, only showing hostels that accept that payment type
    6. If you want to start afresh no problem - just click 'Reset Filters' and start again

    >> Try it now!

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