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  1. Tips and tricks #9 - Book a hostel in your language

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    Tips and tricks #9 - Book a hostel in your language


    Do you book hostels on our site regularly, but English isn't your first language? Would you prefer to book hostels in your native language? Did you know that our site is available in 23 languages apart from English?

    Hostelworld.com is available in a total of 24 languages, including English. The other 23 languages are:

    1. French
    2. German
    3. Italian
    4. Spanish
    5. Czech
    6. Danish
    7. Dutch
    8. Finnish
    9. Hungarian
    10. Norwegian
    11. Polish
    12. Portuguese
    13. Brazilian Portuguese
    14. Swedish
    15. Chinese
    16. Korean
    17. Traditional Chinese
    18. Japanese
    19. Latvian
    20. Russian
    21. Lithuanian
    22. Slovenian
    23. Slovak

    Not only that, but the French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese sites have videos and guides, just like the English one.

    To choose a language, simply log on to our homepage, click on 'Choose your language' in the top right of the page (below), then click on the corresponding flag for your preferred language.

    >> Try it now!

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