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  1. Tips for choosing the best hostel for you

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    Tips for choosing the best hostel for you


    Travelling to new destinations around the world is a really exciting experience. Every time I go on the road to film a new video or write a new guide I’m extremely giddy from the minute I arrive in the airport. The city plays a big part in how much I’m going to enjoy my stay, but so does the hostel. This is why choosing the right hostel is a huge part of your overall experience. That’s why I’ve put together a list of ten tips to make sure you choose the one that suits you best.

    Make sure the hostel is in the right location
    Do you want to be right in the heart of the action to make sure you’re not spending too much on transport? Or are you looking to chill out more than sightsee meaning taking a bus for twenty minutes isn’t the end of the world? Ask yourself these questions before booking. You can even check where hostels are located in a city by using our map facility.

    Read the reviews and check the ratings
    Do you know who knows a hostel better than anybody? The people who’ve stayed there. That’s why we ask everybody who books a hostel on our site to rate it after they stay, as well as write a review. Make sure to check these before booking to get a feel of what the hostel is like.

    Do you want to party or take it easy?
    Are you one who likes to party?! If the answer is yes, look for a hostel that has a bar. If you’re one who likes to read a book, before signing off at 11pm so to get up early for a busy day of activity ahead, look for a hostel that hasn’t. A hostel will usually say in its description what type of place it is. This is also a good way to see if a hostel has an age restriction. If it’s a party hostel, it could be restricted to 18-35 year olds.

    Check the hostel's facilities
    Is car parking a necessity? Do you need free WiFi to keep connected via your laptop or smartphone? Is there somewhere to store your luggage? These are all things you should consider before booking to make sure a hostel has everything you require for your stay. Whether or not a hostel has a 24-hour reception/curfew will also be listed here.

    Book in advance
    There’s something really cool about staying in the hostel you wanted to. There’s something extremely un-cool about not staying in the hostel you wanted to. To make sure you don’t find out exactly how un-cool it is, make sure to book a hostel well in advance.

    Is there a kitchen?
    If you’re on a strict budget, then eating out could be something you won’t want to be doing night after night. This is where kitchens are useful – cooking for yourself is a great way to save money. To find out whether a hostel has one or not, check under ‘facilities’.

    Size of dorms
    Some people have reservations about staying in huge dorms, others think ‘the bigger the better!’ as it means it’s easier to make new friends that way. Once you’ve entered your chosen dates you’ll see the types of dorms available. Some will have 4 beds, others could have 20. Whichever type of trip you’re looking for will determine what size dorm you stay in. Don’t forget though – most hostels offer private rooms these days too.

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