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  1. #TNI - Travelers Night In (join in the conversation!)

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    #TNI - Travelers Night In (join in the conversation!)


    One Thursday evening a number of weeks ago I noticed a lot of tweets made by people I follow, who are mostly people in the travel industry, had the hashtag #TNI in them. Upon doing a bit of research I discovered that this stood for Travelers Night In. But what exactly was Travelers Night In?

    Started up by Zipsetgo, #TNI is a 'tweet-up' every Thursday where people who have an interest in travel follow regular/guest hosts for ten travel related questions. These ten questions are then 'tweeted' by the hosts every ten minutes, starting at 3.30pm EST / 8.30pm GMT. All they need is people to join in travel conversation!

    To join in all you need is a Twitter account, make sure to be online for those 90-100 minutes, and then answer the questions! How you answer the questions is up to you - just make sure to put the number of the question you're responding to and the #TNI hashtag (here's a link to see other tweets with the #TNI hashtag. So if you're repsonding to Q8, your tweet should have A8 + *answer* + #TNI. An easy way to do it is to simply retweet the question with your answer at the top.

    Each week there's a separate theme and, as this week's is 'budget travel', I'm happy to announce that @hostelworld is one of the hosts! So now all we need is people to join in the conversation! If you already have a Twitter account, then make sure to follow @hostelworld and be logged on to Twitter tomorrow (20th May) at 3.30pm EST / 8.30pm GMT and join in the conversation!

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