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  1. #TNI (Travelers Night In) - when, where, how...

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    #TNI (Travelers Night In) - when, where, how...


    Later on this evening Hostelworld will be one of the hosts of this week's #TNI (Traveler's Night In), a 'tweet-up' where people who love travel join in the one conversation.

    I joined in for the first time a number of weeks ago after noticing lots of tweets from travel people were tagged with the #TNI hashtag. Intrigued, I did my homework to discover that Travelers Night In is held every Thursday between 3.30pm and 5pm EST (8.30pm and 10pm GMT). Over the 90 minutes ten questions are tweeted by a number of hosts - some regular and some guest.

    After the third #TNI I was so intrigued that I went in search of the originators of (what I think) is the coolest thing on Twitter. After contacting one of the regular hosts @traveldudes, I discovered that the founders of #TNI are Zipsetgo.com. I dropped them a line and was contacted by Rachel Wolery (@zipsetrachel), one of the Zipsetgo team. I then told her I had some questions for her...


    Q1. What is #TNI?

    #TNI stands for Travelers’ Night In. It’s a lively tweet-up that meets every Thursday, at 3:30EST hosted by the girls of ZipsetGo.com. Travel experts and addicts from around the globe meet up and discuss the newest things in travel. Editor’s from Gadling, USA Today, AOL Travel, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s and now Hostelworld have all joined the conversation.

    Q2. Who started it and when?

    Travelers’ Night in was created by myself, April and Sara Beth of Zipsetgo.com. We saw tweet-ups about food, sports, and about everything else, but none about our passion - travel. We promptly founded #TNI started in March of 2010.

    Q3. How did the idea come about?

    Myself, April and Sara Beth (the Go-Girls) are relatively new to Twitter, so we wanted to connect with other traveler’s – to use Twitter for its intended purpose. After participating in other themed tweet-ups, we decided that travel really needed its own!

    Q4. How many people get involved in #TNI every week?

    Each week #TNI grows, usually about 300 people get together and chat about everything travel!

    Q5. How do you get involved?

    Getting involved is easy. On Thursday afternoons (EST), search #TNI on Twitter. I prefer Tweetgrid, because it doesn’t time out like Tweetdeck or Twitter. A custom tweet grid is posted every Thursday here: http://www.zipsetgo.com/travelers-night Once you read some of the fast and furious conversation, jump in and add #TNI to all your tweets!

    Alternatively you can follow @hostelworld, then log on at 3.30pm EST / 8.30pm GMT and watch out for their tweets which are the questions. Then answer them!

    Q6. Can anybody get involved?

    Yes, anybody can get involved. Just join the conversation!

    Q7. Is there a way to see all the answers?

    I track all the answer each week. Since there are thousands of tweets every Thursday, we do not post them all. However, I would be more than happy to send the conversation log to anyone that requests it!

    Q8. Is there a set theme for each #TNI?

    There is! Themes are posted here at www.zipsetgo.com/travelers-night-events.  Each week we pick a theme using our creativity and suggestions from #TNI participants. We are always looking for the next great idea, so please DM me at @zipsetrachel if you have ideas for themes or questions!


    So now you know all about #TNI! If you're online tonight...join in the conversation!

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