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  1. To explore Cape Town you'll need a car

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    To explore Cape Town you'll need a car


    Calling all people planning a trip to Cape Town (and South Africa) – if you want to experience everything this gem of a city has to offer, you’re going to need to rent a car.

    I’m just about to head out in my car for the third day. The first day I needed it to go out to wine country (can’t miss that guys), then yesterday I needed it to drive around various locations for the video (worked out cheaper than taxis), and now today I’m going to Bloeburg Beach and Chapman’s Peak Dr. So if you want to see all these, rent a car. “Colm, do you know of a car rental company? And how much will one cost” I hear you ask. Funnily enough I do – Around About Cars have clean cars in good condition, they’ve good rates starting at 230 Rand per day, and staff are friendly and easy to deal with.

    Now, breakfast done, blog done, I’m off in my car again. And by the way, see that picture up top? That’s the view from the decking area here in The Backpack where I’m staying. Tasty you have to admit.

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