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  1. Today's Photo: Aerial view of Old Town, Munich

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    Today's Photo: Aerial view of Old Town, Munich


    Today’s Photo of the Day on Hostelworld.com is an aerial shot of the beautiful Old Town area of Munich, Germany.

    In our free Munich pocket guide, we round up some of the best places to eat in town including the long-running Viktualienmarkt. We’ve also put together a selection of Munich’s top attractions such as the huge Deutsches Museum which is well worth a visit. There are plenty of ways to save money while you’re in Munich and in our guide we’ve listed a few for you to check out.

    Our Munich podcast comes to you live from Oktoberfest. In it Hostelworld.com’s Colm Hanratty and a friend visit seven of the fourteen main tents that you’ll find at this hugely popular festival.

    For more information about the city, check out our Munich city guide. If you want to book accommodation in Munich, look no further than our top-notch selection of hostels in Munich.

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    perthboy85 said on 17/02/2011 at 11:30am

    Great shot in a beaut city! Gday all! Hey I've been to two Oktoberfests

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