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  1. Today's Photo: Eyre Square at night, Galway

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    Today's Photo: Eyre Square at night, Galway


    Today's Photo of the Day on Hostelworld.com is of one of Galway's main landmarks, Eyre Square. Located smack bang in the middle of Galway, Eyre Square is especially pretty at night when it's lit up as this picture shows.

    If you're planning to visit this welcoming city in the west of Ireland, have a look at our Galway city guide. Here you'll be able to download our free Galway pocket guide, which includes tips on where to get the best fish and chips in the city, what bars to check out, why you should visit the Salmon Weir Bridge and much more.

    In our Galway podcast, 'Galway – A Medieval City', you'll learn all about the city's top medieval attractions including the Spanish Arch and St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church. You'll also hear about some more of Galway's unique attractions.

    For somewhere to stay here, check out our top-notch selection of hostels in Galway.

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