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  1. Today's Photo: Hotel de Ville at night, Brussels

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    Today's Photo: Hotel de Ville at night, Brussels


    Today’s Photo of the Day on Hostelworld.com is a night shot of the Hotel de Ville in Brussels. This is the city’s Town Hall and is a stunning example of Gothic architecture. It’s pretty impressive inside too, which you’ll be able to see for yourself on one of the guided tours.

    In our Brussels podcast, ‘Brussels – At the Comic Strip Center’, Hostelworld.com’s Colm Hanratty speaks to Willem Degraeves from the Comic Strip Center in Brussels, one of Europe’s most unique and interesting museums.

    Catch a glimpse of the top things to see and do in Brussels and get a closer look at some of the city’s best restaurants and local specialities in our video postcard of Brussels. For more images from Brussels and further information about this Belgian city, check out our Brussels city guide.

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