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  1. Today's Photo: Singel Canal, Amsterdam

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    Today's Photo: Singel Canal, Amsterdam


    Today’s Photo of the Day on Hostelworld.com shows the Singel Canal in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

    We’ve got a couple of Amsterdam videos for you to check out. The first is ‘10 Things You Need to Know About Amsterdam’ which covers a whole range of things including the city’s best museums, how to get around the canals and so on. The second of our Amsterdam videos is ‘How to save money in Amsterdam’. This video features information about how to go on a free ferry ride in the city and lots of other great money saving tips.

    To find out more about Amsterdam, you can listen to our three Amsterdam podcasts. Covering everything from Queen’s Day to the city’s numerous coffeeshops, they cover some of the top attractions you’ll find in this hugely popular destination. For information on where to go for food in the city and some of Amsterdam’s top nightspots, download our free Amsterdam pocket guide.

    Even more info about Amsterdam can be found at our Amsterdam city guide page. To book accommodation in Amsterdam, check out our vast selection of hostels in Amsterdam.

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